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Things that bug the $h!t out of me about some support forums.
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When people dont use punctuation... AT ALL!
"how can you use 2 letter codes from farmville plz i want to know how to do it too help me tank you" (edited a little but actual quote. ill get to the edited part later.)

it makes things take 2 -3 times longer to read because everything just runs together. is it too damn hard to hit a button in between each sentence to make things easier on other people? or are you just too fucking lazy?
i can live without the ' in between words like can't, won't, isn't, stuff like that. i do that a lot myself. but i can at least hit the damn period (or appropriate punctuation) button at the end of my sentence!

When people beg.

TELL ME PLIZZ" (anonymous)

PM ME" (same person in a different thread 30 seconds later)

seriously? have you even searched for what you are looking for? you havent? then QUIT FUCKING BEGGING!
1: it makes you look stupid, whiny, and unwilling to do any work yourself.
2: any and all glitches are probably already posted.
3: it wastes other peoples time because your just damn lazy.
the only good side to begging is letting other people make fun of you.

Undescriptive help topics
"its not working. help please"

whats not working? what steps have you already taken to try and fix your problem? do you have any logs?
just saying 'its not working' isnt going to get you to get whatever is broken working faster. it actually just wastes time. your going to have to describe what the problem is at some point.... minus well just say what it is at the beginning.

People that cant speak remotely proper language
ex: (from above)
"how u can use 2 letter codz from farmville(?) plz i want know do it too(.) help me(.) tank you"

ok look, i know your most likely new to english, but its just plain annoying.

People that asks for something thats been posted a million times
cant really give an example for this one... but look on that same page your on... about 1/3 of the way down. not there? look on the next page. still not there? look for another 3 pages. you found it? good for you! now you dont have to make a useless topic!
Wow! Now THAT was insightful!
Now, I know you think you understand what I said...
But I'm not sure you realize you HEARD what I MEANT!
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