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Shoutbox - History
anlonfungli : 121212
dfgjkif : :d
cxh13991124 : Garbage website
cxh13991124 : SB ONLINE
Matt : bleh gotta work on autocomplete
Matt : working on search right now
Matt : almost wish i could disable it
Matt : yeah... skin thing i gotta add
Kesha : that highlight is way messed up
Matt : test
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Matt : edits broked
Matt : err
Matt : cuz i had it open under photoshop
Sean : makes no sense
Sean : and browsing this forum
Sean : why are we using the support forum shoutbox
Matt : go. away. googlebot
Matt : shoutbox auto updates
Matt : foooooood bbl
Matt : what did you test?
Matt : that looks better
Sean : ok test over
Matt : should probably add the shadow to the moderate button too
Sean : let me test something real fast
Sean : yeah that'd work
Matt : go*
Matt : i think the grey gradiant can o so its only the green/red orb lol
Sean : look in wrappers to see how
Matt : wow i need to edit that image lol
Sean : well anyway, I moved the online/offline status to username
Matt : yeah
Sean : closed beta
Sean : but just make sure they know
Sean : I don't care
Matt : do you mind if i show people the forum system and get it a little known or do you want to hold off on that?
Sean : no you can but you have to edit the whole post row
Sean : there i did it
Matt : 10*
Matt : lol i thought you said like 19 mins ago i couldent?
Sean : I'll add the meta
Sean : for each post
Sean : you can edit all the html
Sean : oh of course
Matt : without redoing the nav bar?
Sean : you can do taht
Sean : good news is
Matt : i want to move the online/offline next to the usernames in posts
Sean : I think I'll do the nav bar editor
Sean : yeah
Matt : fe things need fixing here and there
Matt : pretty good
Sean : how's it coming along
Sean : yee haw
Matt : done
Sean : make me admin bro
Sean : custom sounds
Sean : oh and another thing I need to add
Matt : yeah its good
Sean : that was your idea remember!
Sean : how do you like the topic preview
Sean : custom pages work yes
Matt : custom pages working?
Sean : guess you didn't know
Sean : but jaxboards is auto
Sean : yeah most are
Matt : some forum systems are manual
Sean : you didn't know timezones are automatic?
Sean : the todo list
Sean : err
Sean : I added a lot of your suggestions to notepad
Matt : gotta find my notepad
Matt : meh
Sean : I'm knocking em out
Sean : keep coming with the suggestions
Sean : moving on
Sean : OH WELL
Sean : and it was you all along
Sean : someone is giving it out
Sean : wow
Sean : I immediately was like
Sean : as soon as I saw jcink with it
Sean : oh yeah, it's long been changed
Matt : board registration
Sean : hm?
Matt : well i guess change the reg url if you havent already
Sean : if you have any domains you want added go ahead
Sean : almost
Sean : domain manager is done
Sean : anyway
Sean : yep
Matt : sorry dude
Matt : :/
Sean : so thanks
Sean : but I asked you not to give it out
Sean : yeah too bad I can't trust you now
Matt : but thats it
Matt : and him
Sean : X|
Sean : and jcink
Matt : i only gave it to tj...
Sean : thanks for giving out the link when I specifically asked people not to give it out
Sean : also
Matt : nvmd got it
Matt : and i dont see it in the templates...
Matt : i never saw any ads :P
Matt : lol
Matt : Please remove <!--ADS--> from your board template, I have just deprecated it
Sean : to logo
Sean : changed it from header-logo
Matt : so i could theoretically do tabs...
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