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anlonfungli : 121212
dfgjkif : :d
cxh13991124 : Garbage website
cxh13991124 : SB ONLINE
Matt : bleh gotta work on autocomplete
Matt : working on search right now
Matt : almost wish i could disable it
Matt : yeah... skin thing i gotta add
Kesha : that highlight is way messed up
Matt : test
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Matt : \and then i gotta figure out the tablepad -.-
Matt : yeah... i think it would need to be included in the table border also
Sean : title of the topic? nope but I can make one
Sean : fixed
Matt : also, is there an m tag for the title of the topic?
Sean : don't worry about it for now
Sean : I'll look into it in a bit
Matt : gotta be something in the mtags though
Matt : yeah i dont get it
Matt : ok somethings fucked up...
Matt : well that was easier then expected...
Matt : lata
Sean : bbl
Sean : I'm gonna take a nap before I go to work tonight
Sean : ye
Matt : hard parts gonna be getting the row under the main title to work properly
Matt : not really lol
Sean : looks pretty daunting right
Matt : coo
Sean : ok I posted them
Sean : alright let me get you those meta tags up
Matt : long gone
Matt : nope\
Sean : sorry I got carried away doing shit
Sean : still there?
Sean : lol
Matt : got tj with the display:none;
Matt : cookies :)
Sean : test
Matt : fail
Sean : ok fixed
Sean : test
Matt : go... away... googlebot...
Sean : guess I'll need to post those M tags as well
Matt : aannnyyywwwaaayyysss forum view
Matt : i just wanted to see what images i needed to make <_<
Sean : it's a good scare though
Sean : sure I could log it or something but I don't really care
Sean : to freak people out
Sean : that's the whole point of it
Matt : i actually kinda freaked out on that one
Sean : I ban everybody (not)
Sean : yeah
Matt : cuz i got banned for doing that too <_<
Matt : like i cant see your directories
Matt : i figured
Sean : >_>
Sean : btw
Sean : it doesn't actually ban you
Sean : XD
Matt : <_<
Sean : I was just screwing with you
Sean : come on
Sean : no you didn't XD
Matt : already pissed you off enough :/
Sean : come on give it a good college try
Matt : anyways im not gonna try
Matt : styled*
Matt : didnt realize at the time that it would still be there but not styles
Matt : besides, its still there
Matt : when i said that
Matt : and forgot it doesnt have .footer
Matt : i copied the ipb css directly
Matt : no not what i meant
Sean : and you can't even let us have that
Sean : all us developers ask for
Sean : one little stinking line
Sean : I don't know why you're always bad about removing copyrights
Matt : :/
Matt : forgot the ipb one is .copyright
Matt : i kind untentionally already did o.0
Matt : however the hell you spell it
Sean : try it
Sean : nah no consequences
Matt : concenquinces
Matt : fail
Matt : wow word correct
Sean : what
Matt : will there be conceptualizes?
Matt : uhhh
Sean : actually go ahead and try that
Matt : mind*
Matt : just a random thought that came into mine
Matt : like i said, im not earning it
Sean : I'll ban you!
Sean : wow don't do that
Matt : .footer {display:none}
Sean : what's gonna piss me off
Matt : that im not gonna get
Matt : heh i know a milestone thats gonna piss you off
Sean : fair enough
Matt : i want to get the main pages done first and then see what i need to add
Matt : i know
Sean : windows
Sean : for stuff that doesn't exist on ipb skins
Sean : you'll have to have css to include along side ipb skins
Matt : on to forum view i guess...
Matt : that works
Sean : check out the nav now
Matt : k
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