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anlonfungli : 121212
dfgjkif : :d
cxh13991124 : Garbage website
cxh13991124 : SB ONLINE
Matt : bleh gotta work on autocomplete
Matt : working on search right now
Matt : almost wish i could disable it
Matt : yeah... skin thing i gotta add
Kesha : that highlight is way messed up
Matt : test
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Sean : there's only 6 arguments for forum-subforum-row
Sean : fixed it
Sean : let's see
Sean : hmmmm
Sean : oh
Matt : bugs/sugg
Sean : I'm trying and I can't get it to break
Sean : which forum
Matt : and try to go into a forum
Matt : yeah like if im on the main page
Sean : topic listing?
Matt : i get the error
Sean : weird, I can
Matt : i cant get into topic list
Sean : what doesn't work
Matt : yeah
Sean : did you refresh
Matt : err something is still broked lol
Sean : for topics and replies
Sean : I'm glad you knew to keep those ids
Sean : lol
Matt : lol
Sean : ok now refresh so you don't undo stuff
Sean : works
Sean : sweet
Sean : again
Sean : now
Sean : wait
Sean : while I sit on the index
Sean : ok now go post in big topic test
Matt : and ill just reload and go from there lol
Matt : well just finish what your doing
Matt : yeah
Sean : last post td just needs _lastpost
Sean : you know how topics/replies has id="fid_%1$s_whatever"
Sean : oh yeah that might bet it
Matt : just realised that
Sean : let me see if replies update too
Matt : lol im probably canceling out your work
Sean : post in jaxboards mascot
Sean : I had to add fid_%1$s_lastpost
Sean : made your idx update now
Sean : sweet
Sean : yeah, I'll have to do something about that
Matt : forgot all the %%'s again -.-
Sean : yeah, they should be
Matt : oh dug
Matt : topic listing
Sean : for what
Matt : are the mtags coded in yet?
Matt : wait
Sean : hmmm
Matt : maybe not
Matt : ok ill just have to style it then
Sean : otherwise my javascript doesn't know where to put the new posts on update
Sean : topic-table needs to have id="intopic"
Sean : fixed
Matt : well... today
Sean : alright
Matt : gotta get up early tomorrow -.-
Matt : i think ill knock out the forum listing and then head to bed
Sean : I'll work on fixing that
Sean : oh, auto inserting of new posts doesn't work
Sean : let me get those mtags up
Sean : forum listing
Matt : hmm what to do next
Matt : Ill call him Jack XD
Matt : OH!
Matt : XD
Matt : evil jax
Matt : cuz i know the first thought wont be, 'oh sweet, i can change the layout'
Sean : it's p cool
Sean : I like your mascot
Sean : right now this is the best example of how to use the M tag system
Sean : oh right, yeah I hope so
Matt : layout
Sean : unique what
Sean : :(
Matt : will inspire people to make a unique one
Sean : yeah yeah
Matt : plus doing it early
Matt : A LOT
Matt : you know its gonna get requested...
Sean : but I know it's for the greater good
Matt : lol
Sean : get turned into a tabular layout
Sean : to see all of my wonderful markup
Sean : it almost makes me sad
Matt : what trouble am i going to have with topic-users-online?
Matt : k that works
Matt : guess i need to do viewing topic too
***Matt is
Matt : also the permalink text
Matt : uhh just the maintitle in topic
Sean : need anything from me?
Sean : how's it going?
Matt : k
Sean : later though, busy
Sean : I'll make a topic-title
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