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anlonfungli : 121212
dfgjkif : :d
cxh13991124 : Garbage website
cxh13991124 : SB ONLINE
Matt : bleh gotta work on autocomplete
Matt : working on search right now
Matt : almost wish i could disable it
Matt : yeah... skin thing i gotta add
Kesha : that highlight is way messed up
Matt : test
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Jonathan : So if you get that ERROR 404
Jonathan : Definitely doing it tonight though.
Jonathan : xD See you used me
Sean : I need people to break shit
Sean : good, that's why I gave you a board
Matt : lol
Jonathan : >_> I'm forever testing shit
Jonathan : I do just for testing.
Matt : dont have a forum?
Jonathan : Hurry up with the M Tags Sean x||||||
Matt : lol
Jonathan : I got a sneak preview xD
Matt : all the m tags (joke)
Jonathan : I just wanted to see I been closed the acp xD
Jonathan : Copying what?
Matt : done copying jonathatn? lol
Jonathan : xD
Jonathan : html wrappers -_-
Sean : he's waiting on ME now
Matt : i just need more m tags lol
Matt : once sean add all the m tags *glare*
Jonathan : so beyond that what else needs work on the layout right now?
Jonathan : ah xD
Matt : yeah im going to get the actual layout down first and then fix all the jax boards stuff
Jonathan : The hover things for footer needs to be fixed though. But beyond that awesome.
Matt : lol thanks
Jonathan : Matt nice work.
Jonathan : ahhhhh NOW i get it
Matt : its really just basic html
Matt : yeah
Jonathan : the IPB wrapper right?
Jonathan : I won't matt -_-
Sean : but yeah forum link is needed
Matt : just dont fuck with anything lol
Sean : I personally like having the forum open in one and the acp in the other
Jonathan : Sean how about.. you put in the ACP the forum link so I don't have to keep switching tabs :(
Jonathan : oh cool I can take a look? Thanks matt :D
Sean : I haven't made shit on jaxboards
Matt : look at the bottom of the wrappers
Sean : profit? you're hilarious
Jonathan : Matt is the true coder here. :D
Matt : refresh
Jonathan : Sean stop stealing idea's and making them into profitable upgrades.
Matt : give me a sec jonathan
Sean : actually I'll do that now
Sean : I will
Jonathan : I was thinking html wrappers like in IPB for some reason.
Sean : yep
Matt : eventually...
Jonathan : >_< I hope you finish this soon I would really like to see how you did it
Matt : i think sean is going to make a seperate section in the acp though
Matt : wrappers
Matt : ugh i need to figure word wrap out
Jonathan : So where do you put the tags in jaxboards? ( I never tried so just curious )
Matt : html
Jonathan : <m> tag is css right?
Sean : yeah, he's put a lot of work into it
Jonathan : Soo wait
Matt : you should make 0 guests not show up
Sean : probably more important than a lot of the shit I'm doing lately
Jonathan : Yeah time consuming too.
Sean : what he's doing is really useful
Sean : yeah something like that
Jonathan : The newest hit online :P
Jonathan : lol JaxIPBBoards
Sean : but it works ON JAXBOARDS.
Sean : what you see is the IPB default css unaltered in any way
Jonathan : Yeah looks a lot like it
Sean : he's converting the template
Jonathan : blah im tired j/[
Sean : he isn't just converting a skin
Matt : still broked
Sean : yeah the cool thing about what matt's doing
Jonathan : omg its like phpbb ipb skins :D
Matt : the ? on line 100372
Sean : I fixed it
Sean : refresh
Jonathan : What did you change to make shit break?
Sean : XD lemme fix
Jonathan : You can't sean only matt knows Jaxboards.
Sean : SEE
Sean : oh I think I know why
Jonathan : Wasn't me.
Matt : what did you break now?
Sean : show me the silver skin
Sean : why does selecting IPB
Jonathan : Making me feel dumb
Sean : idk!
Jonathan : exactly
Matt : what happened to my css?
Sean : what
Matt : WOAH
Matt : :cookie:
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