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anlonfungli : 121212
dfgjkif : :d
cxh13991124 : Garbage website
cxh13991124 : SB ONLINE
Matt : bleh gotta work on autocomplete
Matt : working on search right now
Matt : almost wish i could disable it
Matt : yeah... skin thing i gotta add
Kesha : that highlight is way messed up
Matt : test
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Siv : matt, fix users online!
Matt : thanks
Sean : fixed topic pages for you, added in forum-topic-pages so you can do the < >
Sean : I haven't looked in there in forever I'm kinda scared
Sean : let's take a look in the BUGS FORUM
Sean : there's a setting for showing them in forum settings page
Sean : I just brought subforums back
Matt : im gonna take a shower since i have to go to my gmas for dinner in a while
Matt : k
Sean : give me a few minutes
Sean : anyway, I'm working on a little somethin somethin
Sean : and then if they don't change it it won't save
Matt : lol thatl work
Sean : and it'll add it to the list with the default value
Sean : and then you type in the name
Sean : "add M tag: "
Sean : I might do like
Sean : so I don't think I'll make it THAT easy
Matt : lol
Sean : for shits and giggles
Sean : it'd basically encourage people to put in EVERY SINGLE M TAG
Sean : with the way you have it layed out though
Sean : I was gonna do something like this but I like the way you have it laid out better
Sean : well, GOOD IDEA.
Matt : but yeah... thats my idea lol
Matt : true
Sean : and css relies on the rest of the board temlpate
Sean : since it kinda relies on css
Sean : preview would be impossible to do and have it work
Matt : just poped in my head
Matt : lol kinda figured
Sean : XD
Sean : now you're pushing it
Matt : maybe even a preview
Sean : yeah that'd be cool as hell
Sean : a full fledged m tag editor
Sean : oh sweet
Matt : like i said, more work but it will be more orginized
Sean : yeah t hat's what I was gonna do
Sean : that's what I was getting at
Matt : like how you can do that with skins and wrappers
Matt : well then just make another dropdown using a diff meta
Sean : like for multiple ipb skins
Matt : yeah mine too
Sean : but I realized you might want to use a certain meta set across skins
Sean : my first thought was to have another textarea under the board wrapper
Matt : yeah im drawing it up
Sean : well let me know maybe your idea's bettetr
Sean : maybe?
Matt : ok i kinda have a cool idea that im drawing up but its a little more work
Sean : I'll put a "Meta" under Wrappers
Sean : like that
Sean : see how wrappers and css files are seperate
Matt : i mean like... all in 1 page or like different pages in diff tabs?
Sean : I'll do that now
Sean : in faaaaaaaaaaaaaaact
Sean : I'll split mtags up into their own thing
Matt : how do you plan on doing the mtag stuff in acp?
Matt : XD
Matt : lol i want sounds so i can epicfy this board
Sean : but you can make your own pages
Sean : like play sounds and stuff
Sean : oh, you can't do cool stuff yet
Matt : not like service wide
Matt : i meant on like our own forums
Sean : isn't that good enough!
Sean : you have cabbages and he has obama
Sean : you and kesh already have one a piece
Sean : oh come on
Matt : so can we make our own easter eggs?
Matt : lata
Jonathan : now bbl
Sean : later jonathan!
Jonathan : Anytime sean, I love breaking stuff.
Jonathan : oh xD
Sean : you = matt
Matt : aka breaking your shit and ours XD
Sean : alright, cya
Jonathan : me?
Jonathan : ALRIGHT need to get off this @ school be back in like a hour and a half
Sean : and it doesn't look like you're gonna slow down any
Sean : nah you and kesh have been really supportive and have done a lot as far as contributing
Jonathan : i dont mind I'm not always on I would be a lazy ass person
Matt : lol we just good at breaking shit?
Sean : nobody else would be worth hiring no offense
Sean : yeah if I had enough money to hire people I'd hire kesh and matt and that'd be it
Jonathan : Definitely knew aged if you don't have to refresh which is awesome
Sean : and kesh
Sean : well, matt will
Jonathan : Has more potential then IPB imp... skinning alone.
Sean : if I do make enough money to hire people, you guys will have jobs
Matt : and then we get righer then gates
Matt : i see it getting BIG and sean deciding to be richer then gates and opening up an office and hiring us XD
Sean : how do you think jaxboards stacks up against other forums
Sean : so jonathan
Jonathan : >_> Blame de hostin
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