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anlonfungli : 121212
dfgjkif : :d
cxh13991124 : Garbage website
cxh13991124 : SB ONLINE
Matt : bleh gotta work on autocomplete
Matt : working on search right now
Matt : almost wish i could disable it
Matt : yeah... skin thing i gotta add
Kesha : that highlight is way messed up
Matt : test
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Matt : added to the list
Kesha : you should take advantage of conditionals and make it so "read" isn't a clickable link
Matt : lol
Sean : it's a great way to organize it
Sean : yeah I love it
Matt : which is kinda why i did it this way
Matt : its easier to sift through then a topic
Matt : lol
Sean : your bugs/suggestion forum is mad helpful
Matt : eventually
Sean : I'll help with that
Matt : yeah ill get to that lol
Sean : for stuff not found in them
Sean : that should go along side ipb skins
Sean : you should have a ipbinclude css
Sean : XD
Sean : yeah
Matt : ipb windows arnt set up yet
Matt : ahh
Sean : see if you got the auto updating stuff right
Sean : post in testing forum
Matt : :fella:
Matt : and the idle timeout is 15 mins i think. so its accurate.
Matt : Cuz thats how IPB does it
Kesha : why would you have it say active in the past 15 minutes if it's in real time
Matt : evil work?
Sean : >:(
Sean : or EVIL work
Jonathan : Everyday it looks more like IPB, nice work Matt.
Matt : still not showing
Sean : I'm gonna go to bed, bbl
Matt : ill brb gonna restart
Sean : idk
Sean : maybe
Sean : ye
Matt : sb diff from the stats?
Sean : I used a few different fonts
Sean : not all of the bolded stuff is arial narrow
Matt : eh ill brb
Matt : but wouldent all of the bolded stuff not show?
Sean : it's possible that the font just loaded into memory incorrectly
Sean : try restarting your copm
Sean : or deleted
Sean : but somehow your arial narrow font got corrupted
Sean : idk how, idk when
Sean : those numbers are bolded
Sean : yeah see
Matt : besides that would be IPB not zeneca
Sean : take a screenshot of what you see
Matt : yeah but i havent messed with mtag shit yet
Sean : so the stats stuff is fucked up?
Sean : mmmmmmmm
Matt : stat numbers are still gone
Matt : the names
Matt : but i could see the shoutbox all along
Matt : ok yeah
Matt : -.-"
Matt : wait forgot to refresh
Sean : I'm at a loss then
Matt : still no...
Sean : your arial narrow bold might be fucked up or something
Sean : try unbolding it
Sean : wait
Sean : your css is fine
Sean : I see them fine
Sean : yeah, I have no idea what's wrong
Matt : oh not that then...
Sean : admin is 2
Sean : no
Sean : IDK man
Matt : wait isnt admin supposed to be mgroup1?
Matt : ff
Sean : what browser
Matt : its only the admin group...
Matt : wtf...
Sean : IDK.
Matt : yep
Sean : see if the usernames are there
Sean : view source
Sean : yeah idk man
Sean : stats
Matt : but topics and footer... its just... gone...
Sean : usernames in forum view
Sean : I see usernames in posts
Matt : shoutbox is fine...
Sean : so what do you see before the ":" in this post
Matt : yeah
Sean : for you
Sean : so usernames are just gone
Siv : everything looks fine to me
Matt : need something?
Sean : oh ok cool
Matt : mehbeh
Sean : matt you there
Matt : k
Sean : it's siv
Matt : Anyone know who moose is?
Jonathan : Back.
Matt : Who are you?
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