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anlonfungli : 121212
dfgjkif : :d
cxh13991124 : Garbage website
cxh13991124 : SB ONLINE
Matt : bleh gotta work on autocomplete
Matt : working on search right now
Matt : almost wish i could disable it
Matt : yeah... skin thing i gotta add
Kesha : that highlight is way messed up
Matt : test
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Sean : so you can change more than the image
Sean : that template bit isn't just the logo url, it's the stuff around it as well
Sean : <M name="header-logo"><div id="logo"><a href=""?"><img src="" alt="JaxBoards Logo" /></a></div></M>
Sean : it would be
Sean : actually
Sean : or uh
Sean : yes
Matt : so to change the logo... would it be <m name="logo">img url</m>?
Sean : and I'll tell you what template bit it is
Sean : just ask
Sean : if you want to edit any piece of the board's html
Sean : yeah once I create the documentation
Matt : ill have to read up on those
Sean : <M name="title"> is just one example
Sean : if you require editing of the html, you can do it
Sean : M tags are used to edit template bits
Sean : and buttons
Sean : but M tags aren't going to be used for images
Matt : lol your gonna have some dedicated skinners...
Sean : that's basically what <M> tags are for
Sean : macros are clumsy
Sean : css
Matt : are you planning to do macros in ACP or is that all gonna be css?
Sean : will do
Matt : i have a few icons i need to make
Matt : lol just tell me if you add elements to the css
Sean : full steam ahead bro
Sean : tonight I'm doing mod controls
Matt : yeah i know
Sean : it isn't in any particular order
Matt : lol i just use a generator
Sean : you can view the todo list as it stands in the acp
Sean : then I can't help much
Sean : but if it's an inability to create a password that people can't guess
Sean : if you can make a good case for an acp security question, I might reconsider
Matt : lol
Sean : thanks, lot of good suggestions/reminders
Matt : only added what i thought was necessary...
Sean : don't just go through jfb and list everything I don't have, there's a lot that I don't want
Matt : Hells yeah!
Sean : rockin that zeneca skin
Sean : I guess I did break forum creation
Sean : oh wow
Matt : forum creation fail
Sean : i'm first
Sean : amagad
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