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Skin/Template Preview System
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So I'm thinking about designing a system that will allow people to have a place to show off their skin/template collection. The main reason why I am thinking about doing this is because it would reduce the number of boards that will be set up just to display skins and templates.

Control Panel
~Log in system so only the skin owner can add/edit skins
--Skin Name
--Version Number
--Change log
--Template to use (upload/enter manually)

~full forum layout
--forum with subforums
--forum with 2 deep subforums
--redirect forum
--all default bbcodes
--online buddies
--offline buddies
--with searched item
--lots'a ticks!

thats just off the top of my head... im sure there would be A LOT of work to do...
Wow! Now THAT was insightful!
Now, I know you think you understand what I said...
But I'm not sure you realize you HEARD what I MEANT!
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